Product Overview
ranging from clear lenses, progressive design, polarized lenses to most advanced sunwear on the market.
The market leader in prescription
polarized sunwear
When light is reflected it can become polarized and form "Blinding glare", visual noise that interferes with the real image.  The results can be uncomfortable or even hazardous.  Only polarized lenses block blinding glare, providing both visual comfort and safety.
A new lens category designed
with driver in mind
Today our lives are influenced by the automobile, which has changed the way we experience the outdoors. We need a third category of lenses in our modern, automobile-centered world. Drivewear.

The future
of Eyecare
Trilogy® is the first lens to offer impact resistance plus ultra lightweight and thinness without compromising optical performance.

Award-winning progressive design
with the widest range of options
The award-winning IMAGE progressive has been rated favorably in recent independent studies. IMAGE boasts one of the widest distortion free distance zones in the industry, and is available in the widest range of materials, treatments and colors available.

Advanced performance
for healthy sight
Clearer, darker, faster to activate and faster to fade back, Transitions VI lenses offer significant improvements over previous generations.  Younger Optics has a complete line of Transitions, including many specialty products found nowhere else.

  Specialty Products
A wide varety of specialty products found only at Younger Optics
With over 50 years of lens innovation, Younger Optics continues to provide many unique specialty and occupational lenses.