When are you going to offer a clear polarized lens?
  It is not possible to make a clear polarized lens.  The Iodine crystals in the polarized film are aligned in parallel rows like a venetian blind to block light in one direction.  This is why you cannot have a clear polarizer; if the crystals were clear, they could not do their job blocking light in a specific direction.  


How do I check the polarized axis?
  Younger offers an axis alignment gauge, complimentary to eyecare professionals.  Please contact Younger Optics' customer service department or your sales representative to receive one.  


How dark are NuPolar lenses?
  Our Gray 1 product is our lightest lens, with about 35% luminous transmittance.  Our other NuPolar lenses are darker, and transmit about 15 - 20% of visible light.  


Can I tint NuPolar lenses?
  Yes, because the film is cast inside the lens, you can tint a NuPolar lens just as you would any other ophthalmic lens.  


Can I AR coat NuPolar lenses?


What is the minimum CT/ ET for NuPolar lenses?
  The minimum thickness for NuPolar hard resin is 1.8mm, except for hard resin Image, in which the minimum thickness is 2.0mm.
In polycarbonate, the minimum recommended thickness is 1.7mm.


Do NuPolar lenses protect against UV?
  Yes.  All NuPolar lenses block 100% UVA and UVB as defined by US and European standards.  


What is the difference between a polarized lens and an ordinary tinted lens?
  Whereas an ordinary tinted lens strictly reduces brightness, polarized lenses reduce visual "noise" and do what no other lens or lens treatment can... block blinding glare.  


Can I get NuPolar in finished SV?
  Yes.  Plano NuPolar lenses are available only in finished single vision.  This is because NuPolar lenses are polarized and therefore must be on the 180° axis line at all times.  It is available in multiple base curves in semi-finished single vision to match the Rx needs of the patient.  


Do you have a processing guide for NuPolar?
  Yes.  Please contact Younger Optics' customer service department or your sales representative to receive one.