Company Overview

Grow with us

Younger is committed to helping your company grow with unique, high-quality lens products.

Some folks in the optical industry may think that, because we are a leader in specialty lenses, that we are a “niche” company. But Younger is much more than that. As the world’s largest independent lens manufacturer, Younger offers a special opportunity for optical businesses who value independence in an era of increasing market consolidation.

As an independent company, Younger is in a unique position to offer growth opportunities and help our customers solve their individual business needs. That’s why we are known in the industry as “the easiest company to do business with.”

David Rips

President & CEO of Younger Optics

I’m David Rips, President & CEO of Younger Optics, the world’s largest privately held ophthalmic lens company. For more than 60 years, Younger Optics has established itself as a leader in the optical industry by developing new and innovative lens solutions. Our technologies include ophthalmic lenses made by casting hard resin monomer, high index monomer, injection molding polycarbonate lenses, and Trivex/Trilogy manufacturing. Our value-added technologies include polarization, photochromics, hard-coatings and many other lens technologies.

Origin story

Irving Rips

Younger is a true “American Success Story.” Its first products were made in the founder’s garage. It all began more than 60 years ago with one man’s vision to create a bifocal that wouldn‘t give away the wearer’s age with its telltale lines. This desire led my dad, Irving Rips, to develop the world’s first “invisible bifocal,” the Younger Seamless lens, which was launched in 1955. This lens was the first to address the cosmetic issues of bifocals, and became the precursor to progressive lenses. Younger Optics — so named because the new lenses would make their wearer look younger — was born. Its first products were made in Irving’s garage. 

Leadership Team

David Rips

From the age of five, making lenses is about the only job I’ve ever had. I have spent my entire career at Younger Optics.  My dad, Irving Rips, started Younger in 1955 by developing the first commercially viable "Invisible Bifocal" to make people look younger. That is the origin of the name “Younger.”
When I became President of Younger in 1992, the company was just a fraction of its current size. My first and best decision was to bring Tom Balch, one of the founders of Sola USA, on board as a partner and begin to build a professional management team. We decided in the 1990s to move from our location in downtown Los Angeles to world class facilities in Torrance, CA, which expanded our ability to grow as a company.

Back then, Younger needed to become more international in both manufacturing and sales. Younger started a manufacturing facility in Guaymas, Mexico, and sales offices in Europe, Australia, Brazil and Singapore. Close to 50% of Younger's sales today are international.

Younger prides itself on being “The Easiest Company To Do Business With.” Since we do not operate our own optical labs or retail, we can always put our customers' needs first, since we do not compete with them.

 I have the best job in the world… no question about it!

Tom Balch

Tom Balch is the co-owner and COO of Younger Optics. Tom is a 45-year veteran of the optical industry.

Research & Development


Even if you've never heard of Younger Optics, you have probably heard of the optical technologies developed by our company. These include NuPolar® polarized technology, Transitions® Drivewear® polarized lenses, Camber™ lens technology, Transitions® poly-composite segmented multifocal lenses, Trilogy® lens material, NuPolar Trilogy Visual Armor®, Image® molded progressive lenses, and of course, the lens that started it all, the Younger Seamless™ bifocal lens.


R&D runs deep in the “DNA” of Younger Optics. Younger won more Awards of Excellence from the Optical Laboratory Association than any other lens company. Of course, Younger lens innovation starts with our research & development team. This group includes some of the finest scientists, engineers, opticians, analysts, technicians and thinkers working in the field today.

Our Culture

Being independent makes us different

Younger is a privately held company, and that independence allows us to prioritize the long-term needs of our customers over the short-term interests of a set of shareholders.

Principles that we respect

At Younger, we only manufacture lenses for our customers to process. We do not operate our own laboratories, so that we never compete with our laboratory or retail customers.


We pride ourselves on being “The Easiest Company To Do Business With.” At Younger, we never forget we are only here to serve our customers.

Global Locations

Australia/ Asia
Mexico, YMEX I & II, Obregon
South Africa
IOT America
IOT Spain

Social Media

I invite all optical professionals to follow me on LinkedIn and Facebook. Social Media allows me to connect with all kinds of professionals throughout the optical industry. I cannot emphasize enough how impressed I am with the quality of people in our industry at all levels. I see the people in our industry as extremely well-qualified, in that many have technical or scientific backgrounds and tend to stay in our industry once they enter it. I always welcome your comments.

—David Rips, President & CEO of Younger Optics