Specialty Clear

Specialty lenses provided the foundation that Younger Optics was built upon. Over 50 years ago our founder, Irving Rips, looked at traditional lined bifocals that were available to the consumer and decided that he could do better. This led him to develop Younger's “seamless bifocal”; the first successful invisible bifocal and precursor for all progressive lenses. Since then Younger Optics has gone on to release other such specialty items as hi-add bifocal lenses, reverse slab-off bifocals, and double D segment bifocal lenses.
These innovations are designed to make it easier for the Eye Care Professional and the Rx laboratory to give the patient exactly what they need to see better! The ability to offer this type of technology to ECP’s, Rx laboratories as well as patients is what has helped make Younger Optics “The Optical Lens Innovators”.

Single Vision High Base

With a nominal curve of 12.25, this lens is suitable for prescriptions from +5.25 D to +10.00 D.

Flat Tops 28 & 35

Many patients still prefer a classic flat top bifocal lens. Besides clear hard resin, FT28 lenses are also available in Trilogy®, high index 1.67, Transitions Signature®, Transitions® XTRActive®, NuPolar® and Transitions Drivewear® options. FT35 availability listed on chart at right.

Flat Tops 28 & 35, High-Add

Both styles are available with adds from +4.50 D to +8.00 D for 4 base, and +4.5 D to 6.00 D for 6 base.

Flat Top 35, 80mm Diameter

For larger frames. 4, 6, 8 base curves. +0.75 to +4.00 D add range.

Flat Top 45

The FT45 offers a great alternative for the “executive” across-the-lens multi-segment, because it is easier to process and coat; it offers faster turnaround with less cost in some cases; and the finished lens is more attractive, and fits nicely into more frames.

Double D Flat Top 28

Presbyopic patients may have occupations that require accurate near vision above, as well as below, the eye level. If regular bifocals are prescribed, these patients must bend their necks back to an uncomfortable position in order to see in the near zone. Some examples of this are auto mechanics, carpenters, electricians, and painters.

The Double Segment can be ordered with both flat top segments in equal powers, or with the top segment’s power at approximately 62% of the power of the bottom segment.

Round Segment 22 & Round Segment 40

Sometimes prescribed as a pediatric or occupational multifocal, round seg lenses are an alternative for flat top or progressive lenses.

Trifocals: 7x28 & 8x35

Trifocal lenses are best for patients who prefer an alternative to progressive lenses. Trifocals consist of three regions (distance, intermediate, and near) to help restore a broader range of vision. They are most helpful for people with advanced presbyopia who have been prescribed two diopters or more of reading addition. The intermediate addition is normally half the reading addition.

Seamless™ 28

The Younger Seamless lens was the first bifocal to offer the cosmetic benefits of being invisible, while attempting to correct some of the common dysfunctions of a segmented bifocal, such as jump and split images. It is also the easiest invisible product to fit and dispense. There are no monocular measurement requirements and processing is simple and easy.

Multi-focal & Specialty

For complete Rx ranges & tech specs, see technical specification page