IMAGE provides stabilized viewing zones in all prescriptions, ensuring the reading area is not compromised as the add power increases. IMAGE boasts one of the widest distortion free distance zones in the industry, which is an essential attribute for a quality progressive design.
IMAGE features a large and clear distance, particularly important for outdoor activities, driving, and sunwear
Both functional and practical to accomodate the widest range of frame sizes
Stabilized near zone ensures easy adaptation and patient satisfaction when reading


IMAGE® is available in more materials and treatment combinations than any other molded progressive lens. Whether you enjoy an active lifestyle and are concerned about safety, spend a lot of time outdoors and need a quality polarized or photochromic sunlens, or spend a lot of time behind the wheel and want a great driving lens - whatever your need, IMAGE lens has an option that fits your prescription and lifestyle activities.

Adage® is an “ultra-short” progressive lens design for smaller aesthetic frames, specially engineered to offer the best, balanced combination of far, intermediate, and near fields of view.

Large Zones

Adage offers one of the largest combined functional areas of any short progressive. This lens also has one of the largest usable near regions, which wearers will appreciate while reading. The near zone is wider than in other short designs. This, in addition to the ultra-wide distance region makes this progressive a significant advancement in the field of short progressive lenses.

Short Fitting Height

A minimum Fitting Height of 13 mm will allow new progressive wearers to keep using their favorite frames without losing optical performance. 90% of addition is reached at only 11mm under the pupil, making it easy to find the near area and also minimizing the necessary eye movement to reach the reading area.

Symmetrical Power Distribution

Users that have experience wearing progressive lenses will appreciate the benefit of these lenses’ big functional zones with excellent and stable optical properties. These special features allow wearers to be able to maintain a more natural eye position for every viewing distance.

ADAGE® Availability

NEW RELEASE: Adage is now available in Trilogy® clear, polycarbonate clear, and polycarbonate NuPolar® gray and brown.

Complete Availability and Technical Specifications

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